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The term and name Nintendo is not unfamiliar with the game lovers who like to keep themselves updates with the latest game released and the accessories with it. The Nintendo Switch is the seventh installation in the series of gaming console by Nintendo. The release of this specific version was much awaited since last October in 2016 when people got a first look at it. The console was finally launched on March 03, 2017. It was popularly addressed by its codename NX and the developers have designated it as something that is more of a hybrid form. The primary reason behind the same is because it was mainly developed for a normal home console with a docking system but it can even be removed from the dock and plugged into the computer for an easy and go to option.

The Switch primarily can be operated via the Joy-Con wireless joystick controller. It has the standard functions and the buttons for the normal motion sensing and the normal feedback that the user seeks for in a responsive controller. It can either be plugged into both the sides of the console or it can even be used individually like the controllers used in Wii. The idea for the development and launch of Wii was primarily after the heavy losses that the company had to face back in 2014 after the launch of Wii U. The developers have kept Switch a lot more compatible and easier for the gamers to handle. Unlike the previous launch, Switch actually does support third party software games for a better demographic.


The keen viewers and gamers who were excited about the new launch got to know about the salient features of this console right in between the time frame from its first look till its final release. The specifications include:

  • Although the specific features and specifications are unknown, we definitely know for a fact that the processor is an Nvidia Tegra custom processor.
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  • It has an in-built storage capacity of 32GB which can be further extended till 2TB which microSD chip.
  • The screen of the console is a 6.2” 720p capacitive display with a resolution of 1080 pixel.
  • The speakers on this console are primarily stereo speakers with a suitable HDMI connector that can be connected in the docked mode.
  • It has 3 USB 2.0, one HDMI, one AC Port and one USB-C port in its dock.
  • The battery has a maximum power of 4310 mAh and ensures a maximum of 6.5 hours of playtime.
  • The controller batter allows 20 hours of playtime and it is best to charge the console for three hours straight in the sleep mode.

Prices and such

The price of the Nintendo Switch was initially priced at around $300 which is not the same for every store or every website that you buy it from. While the prior installations entertained the free online multiplayer access of the games, Switch primarily has a system for online paid subscriptions. There was an online trial subscription prior to the cementing of this idea.

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